Initial Thoughts on the Blackest Night Story Arc

Black Lantern Corps

Black Lantern Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love this story arc so far. I’ve been looking forward to this since I started reading the Geoff John’s Green Lantern series.

I’ve been using seven graphic novels for looking at the story arc through a theological lens:

I have two main complaints at this point:

  1. If I did my math right, there are about twenty-six related issues of the arc that are missing from the collected graphic novels. Between the collected volumes, there are fifty-eight issues. According to DC, there are eighty-four issues in the arc.
  2. The collections are collected by overarching series. So, if you’re trying to read in order like I am, you are constantly moving between books.

Complaints aside, I can’t wait to work my way through this!


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